"Musings from a Saxophonist..." (my blog)

Musings from a Saxophonist…” started in 2010 basically as a tool for articulating and clarifying issues around music making in the present time, documenting (in words) an artistic process. In February 2019 I posted to the effect that the blog may have now largely served it’s purpose given that it can be easy to confuse the words for what they represent. Or maybe it’s just that I felt the posts were becoming a bit redundant, trying to say the same thing in so many different ways. But to the degree that it may be of interest or help to others, I will leave “Musings from a Saxophonist…” on line as an archive.

Additionally I have transferred certain archival material from the previous incarnation of this website to the blog, such as the Left Bank Jazz Society of Baltimore concert listings, some of the cultural material surrounding the music scene in Baltimore when I was coming up and material on my musician parents, Bobbie Lee and Rodd Keith.

Ellery Eskelin