With the launch of this new website I’m doing something new by way of archiving. Over the years I’ve made a good number of recordings which were produced as LPs (meaning vinyl records) and CDs (compact discs). We’re now at a point where I even feel the need to explain those terms! Anyway, the idea was that these recordings were produced for sale and that this was in important part of the business model for many musicians. Artistically, over time it can represent the bulk of a musician’s life work. With the changes we’ve experienced in the music business that no longer works the way it used to.

As a result, the bulk of my work is not readily available to most interested listeners, especially younger ones, at least in terms of presentation and optimal listening. Most of my work is on the CD format and almost all of the titles I’ve released are now out of print except for the most recent. I’ve been selling new discs at shows and will continue to do so. But as for the back catalogue, I now have the opportunity on this web platform to offer selections from the various recordings I’ve made going back to 1987 (scroll down past the photos and videos). I hope you’ll enjoy sampling some of these tracks.